Two clients have recently shared stories with us about how using their software systems “out of the box” ultimately helped them streamline their business operations.  Rather than tailoring the software to fit their business models, they modified their systems to fit how the software functioned.  In both cases the clients stated that by matching their procedures to the system, they not only saved costly programming fees, but they’ve been able to streamline their operations, ultimately saving their company  money. 

Both of these companies acknowledged that many of their procedures were originally put in place because they didn’t have an adequate software system to help manage their business at the time.  By implementing a business management software system that fit their companies needs, these organizations were able to eliminate time consuming processes and procedures.   One client stated that, “We knew the developers of the software knew what they were doing.  They’ve seen and worked with thousands of companies like ours over the years.  Why should we try to re-create the wheel when we could tap into their expertise?  We knew the system was going to make us smarter about managing our business, and that is exactly what happened.”

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