As your trusted business technology advisors BASM is committed to doing everything we can to help you streamline, automate, and increase the value of your company by appropriately leveraging your business systems. To this end, we have developed numerous add-on’s for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, to enable you to improve every area of your company. These include:

NAV Modules, Designed by BASM:
1. Credit Card Module
2. Container Management
3. Jet Report – Applied Invoices to Payment Received
4. Resource Pricing Based on Customer Sell-to Number, or Sell-to Customer Pricing Group
5. “Promoting” a Field to a List or Page (NAV has a lot of fields that aren’t all available in the list pages)
6. Default Ship-to Address
7. Customer Sales History
8. Copy Comments from Customer to Sales Order

NAV 3rd Party Product Spotlight: WorldShip to NAV Interface
The WorldShip to NAV Interface seeks to streamline your shipping process by increasing automation and providing you with the performance you need to maintain optimum efficiency. Consider the following example of how the system operates:

  • A shipping user scans a barcoded Sales Order number in WorldShip, which pulls the Ship-to Address from the NAV Sales Order.
  • After each shipment, UPS writes a file with relative information about the shipment. On a scheduled basis the UPS file is imported directly into your system.
    • The link then adds a line to the relevant Sales Order (shown below)
      • Type: GL Account
      • No: “Freight” GL Account from Sales and Receivables Setup
      • Quantity: 1
      • Unit Price: Dollar amount (total for all packages if there are multiple packages in the shipment) from the UPS file
    • The link then updates the Package Tracking No. field on the Sales Order
      • One number is all that is required to track all packages shipped on one shipment. All other packages on the same shipment will show up with the one tracking number entered.
  • A NAV User can then post the sales order, which automatically carries the tracking number to the Posted Shipment and Posted Invoice