Meet the BASM Team

People are our most valuable asset.

With over 150 years combined business technology experience, our core competency is the ability to identify business automation problems within companies and provide realistic solutions by developing new business processes and implementing integrated systems.  Our team of experienced professionals has extensive industry experience, sharply focused educational backgrounds and the solution expertise necessary to assist you with your automation tools.  Our expertise includes, accountants; programmers; network, hardware and software support specialists and business advisors.  With our solid commitment to quality and personal excellence, we will meet the needs of your new, growing or established business.

BASM Staff:

  • Ron Ketterling, President
  • Sharon Ketterling, General Manager
  • Ryan Ketterling, Director of Business Development
  • Melissa Reichenbacher, Director of Engagement and Services
  • Julie Buckhaus, Project Coordinator
  • Fran Bistodeau, Implementation Consultant
  • Dan Eckhoff, Developer
  • Nha Nguyen, Developer
  • Polly Heagle, Marketing Manager