If you are wasting time and material by overstocking and would like to learn how effective inventory management can reduce inventory by 32.5% with no decrease in customer service – be sure to watch our free, educational webinar series on Advanced Inventory Forecasting designed specifically for executives like you. Best of all, there is no cost, no obligation, and you can watch from the comfort of your desk.

The webinar series is presented by Jon Schreibfeder, President of Effective Inventory Management, Inc., a firm dedicated to helping manufacturers, distributors, and large retailers get the most out of their investment in stock inventory. For over 20 years, Jon has helped over two thousand firms improve their productivity and profitability through better inventory management. Jon has designed several inventory management computer systems and has also served as a distribution industry “troubleshooter” for two major computer companies. He is the author of numerous articles and a series of books on effective inventory management, including the recently published Achieving Effective Inventory Management (5th edition) and the National Association of Wholesale Distributors’ Guess Right – Best Practices in Demand Forecasting for Distributors.  A featured speaker at seminars and conventions throughout North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, and the Pacific Rim, Jon has been awarded the title “Subject Matter Expert” in inventory management by the American Productivity and Quality Center. He is an advisor and guest lecturer in the Industrial Distribution Program at Purdue University. For more information on presenter Jon Schreibfeder, visit his website at www.EffectiveInventory.com.

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First Steps to Achieving Inventory Management

Increasing the productivity and profitability of your inventory investment may seem to be an overwhelming task.  In this session we will discuss some ideas that you can immediately implement to increase turnover, customer service and net profits.  You will develop an action plan so you can immediately begin to eliminate unwanted stock.  Better yet, as you work to maximize the performance of your inventory now, you will be preparing to take advantage of all the possible new business opportunities as the economic up-turn begins.

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Improving Inventory Forecast Accuracy

A forecast is a prediction of how much of a product you will sell, transfer, consume or otherwise use in a specific future time period.   An accurate forecast is a key element in determining when to replenish the stock of a product and the quantity to order.  Watch this session to discover how better demand forecasting can improve the productivity and profitability of your investment in stock inventory.

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Executing on the Forecast: Why Forecasting is Only Half of Your Success in Managing Inventory

As a distributor, your largest and most costly asset is inventory.  Reducing inventory carrying costs and increasing margins can cause a greater effect on the bottom line than increased sales.  Learn that by doing both you can significantly improve your cash position and increase profitability.  In this session, manufacturers and assemblers will learn how “time phased expected inventory” can be used to drive a constantly up-to-date production plan for scheduling component purchases, or how it can be used with the Finished Goods Forecast to determine the quantity and timeframe in which products should be produced.

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Effectively Analyzing Your Inventory Investment

How do you know if you are making progress toward achieving the goal of effective inventory management?  Are you better or worse than your competitors in having products available when customers want them while maintaining an optimal inventory?  How do you pinpoint those areas that need the most improvement?  In this session we will explore simple methods and metrics to measure the profitability and productivity of your investment in stock inventory.

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