We are occasionally asked why we only offer Block Time Agreements (BTA’s) versus offering Service Contracts. The answer is simple, BTA’s are typically a better value for our clients, for the following reasons:

  • Yearly Service Contracts expire whether or not they are used. BTA’s are carried forward.
  • You can use every dollar of a BTA for technical support, training and/or programming. Service Contracts only cover technical support.
  • With a Service Contract, we would have to speculate ‘worst case’ scenarios to determine a price structure to ensure that we don’t lose money. With a BTA, the cost is fixed by time, giving you the best price possible.
  • With a BTA, we offer discounted hourly rates depending on the number of hours purchased. This can be a terrific value for clients who purchase larger blocks of time.
  • With a BTA, we offer a $50 discount off any of our webinars.
  • With a BTA, we charge a ¼ hour minimum and bill at ¼ hour intervals. Without a BTA, we charge a ½ hour minimum with ½ hour intervals.
  • You are in charge with your BTA … you have 100% control of how little or how much you use.