In business, we all know that planning, creating and maintaining a budget is crucial to our growth and success.  From determining year over year expense and revenue, to identifying when to hire more staff or when we need to increase sales to make a profit – it all begins and ends with our budget.

Unfortunately many companies perform their budgeting process outside of their accounting systems. Spreadsheets and hand-written notes are often utilized instead, creating a time intensive and extra-labor inducing process. The problem with this approach is that the budget is more prone to errors, is harder to maintain and can easily become obsolete when necessary changes and updates are made throughout the year.

Are you going through your 2011 Budget Process?

We are excited to offer a new service this Fall, “Budget Analysis and Set Up”. During your Budget Analysis and Set Up you will meet one of our Budget experts to determine the best approach to streamlining your budget process. Then we will integrate your budget within your accounting system so that you operate throughout the year more effectively and efficiently.  This is valid for Sage Pro, Sage Accpac, and Microsoft NAV.   To make things even better we are offering your first hour free when you schedule your Budget Analysis and Set Up by December 15th.

In this economic climate it’s imperative that you get the most out of your systems. Schedule your Budget Analysis and Set Up today by calling our office.