In our Value Added Reseller (VAR) article series, we’ve been highlighting each member of the Business Automation Specialists team, sharing their point of view on how they add value to our clients.  However, behind the scenes is a support team that allows the rest of the group to keep on task and on target.

If you’ve ever called the BASM office, you’ve probably spoken to Project Coordinator, Barb Hedman.  Barb wears many hats, but one of the key areas where she provides value to our clients and our team is with technical support.  “When a tech support call comes in I try to collect as much information about the issue as possible from our client,” states Barb. “This allows the tech support team to be better prepared and more efficient when returning the call.  This in turn reduces the amount of time needed to resolve the issue, and keeps client billing down.”

According to Melissa Reichenbacher who is in charge of BASM’s Tech Support, “With Barb’s assistance, we are able to stay focused when we are helping one client, as Barb helps minimize interruptions when we are working on an issue.  By her gathering all the information we could need to support the next client, it keeps us very efficient and focused, which benefits all the clients in reduced support call costs.”  The 2-3 minutes Barb spends asking questions, often makes the difference between a 15 minute billing, versus a 30 minute billing.  For a client who calls once per month, this could save them $400 or more per year.

Barb also helps manage all of the teams schedules and projects.  Her goal is to never let a “seed of doubt” be planted into a client’s mind due to a missed deadline or forgotten step.  “I try not to let anything fall through the cracks,” Barb proclaims. “I treat our clients’ business the way I treat ours, and after almost 7 years at BASM, I’m not about to drop the ball now.”

Also behind the scenes, but ever present, is General Manager, Sharon Ketterling.  Sharon’s job at BASM is to “keep the ball rolling” and she does whatever is needed to make life easier and more efficient for the rest of the team.  “I’m always looking for small things that can make a big difference to us and our clients,” reflects Sharon. “By keeping things running smoothly in the office, the team members who interact directly with our clients can always be 100% focused.”

In addition, Sharon knows everything that is going on with the business, and is available to back up the team and clients whenever needed. “There is tremendous value for clients to work with a VAR who has an established business and the support system necessary to run that business well,” states Sharon. “That value wouldn’t necessarily be obvious unless it went away, but we aren’t about to let that happen to our clients!”