By Dan Eckhoff, BASM Project Lead

After reading a recent article about what value a VAR really brings to you, our clients, it made me think about how my role specifically provides value. I know that the value I bring stems from my background in accounting. I take a fiscally conservative approach to
everything and I always want to find the most effective and efficient way
to get things done. I’m cheap and I don’t like to spend money – whether it’s my own, or our clients.

In addition to working on client projects and creating custom reports, part of my role at BASM is to assist with help desk calls. This is always enlightening and if I could
communicate just two things to our clients it would be:

  • Get training on a regular basis. People don’t retain all of the information from their initial training. Spend the time on annual refresher courses instead of fighting with the system when you don’t remember or fully understand how to use it. This often leads to a scenario with many wasted hours trying to fix a problem that ultimately gets worse and has to be fixed by an expert. We want you to be self-sufficient, however …
  • Don’t try to do something yourself that you could outsource to an expert for a fraction of the time and cost. I often get calls from people who have spent many frustrating hours trying to write a complicated custom report. If they spent 6 hours on it, I’m usually able to complete it in 30 minutes. Know when it makes sense not to try it
    yourself as your time is more valuable working on earning money for your business. I’m convinced that spending money in both of these areas will ultimately save our clients thousands of dollars.

I know my greatest value for our clients lies in creating solutions. For example, I know Sage Pro so well that I can always suggest the best option to streamline our client’s operations based on the business need. Occasionally, a client will come to us with a report or modification request that seems reasonable on the surface; however, it might go against general accounting principles, or would create a problem in the back end with other systems. Having the expertise with the system, and an understanding of the business, allows me to help our clients in ways they weren’t expecting by coming up with a better solution to their request.

I also ultimately believe that our value starts with helping you identify the right tools for the right problems. I always say, “don’t use a hammer when a screwdriver is what you need”. That’s why we’re including even more tools for our clients by bringing on Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Sage Accpac ERP. We want to implement software that’s going to help ur clients meet their goals.

I look forward to bringing you value soon!