About a year ago, we introduced two new business offerings for our clients, Specialist for the Day and On-Site Business Assessment.  Clients who have taken advantage of these offerings have more than recouped the cost, and the savings are almost instantaneous. This letter showcases the benefits 2 of our clients realized with these services.

Specialist for the Day Success: A check cashing company was able to eliminate the use of spreadsheets for bank reconciliations.   “They had no idea they could do this right in the system,” recalled Mark Langhaus, Automation Specialist at BASM.  “After showing them how to do it, they were able to reconcile in a few hours; something they hadn’t been able to do in 5-6 months.”

On-Site Business Assessment Success: Feed Products North, Inc. found that by using Work Orders instead of Inventory Control, they now have better visibility into the production schedule. According to Alan Wenker, Production Manager for Feed Products, “We were using a report which aggregated data together, but it didn’t really give me the precise information I needed.  Now, by using the Work Order module with its built in MRP calendar, we can match our production schedule with shipping and our sales forecast.  This has allowed our production area to be much more efficient by taking the guess work out of it.”

With our Specialist for the Day Package, one of our Business Automation Specialists will visit your location and work with you to help with practically anything you can think of, including: Report Writing, Data Cleanup, Process Shortcuts, Features’ Review, Advanced Functionality, Remedial Training, Process Review, Log Review, Minor Report Changes,  Month-End or Year-End Help, 1099’s,  Archive Data and  so much more.  The cost for a single day is only $1,295 plus travel related expenses, and we’ll offer a 5% discount for multiple, consecutive days.

With our On-Site Business Assessment, we’ll help you identify which business processes are causing your company to be less efficient and if there are hidden issues causing your company problems.  The assessment is a four to six hour on-site evaluation of your business processes in Inventory, Sales or Purchasing.  During the on-site assessment we will:

1. Evaluate your current processes     

2. Identify potential problems                                     

3. Suggest solutions to those problems   

4. Measure the impact of those solutions    

5. Provide an estimated cost of any suggested changes

6. Provide a cost benefit analysis

7. Make a recommendation about whether to move forward with the solution

8. Provide immediate feedback by way of an easy to read report, giving you the ability to make immediate changes if  needed

Contact us today to discuss your needs and to schedule your On-Site Assessment or Specialist for the Day.