While the Internet offers businesses advantages, it also raises significant security concerns. You know you need spam filters, anti-phishing, firewalls, web filtering and you want to have remote access, but it can all get a little overwhelming, especially for small and medium sized businesses. These same issues affected Business Automation Specialists and after much research, we found one solution to all of our concerns, SonicWALL.

SonicWALL delivers robust, affordable, and easily manageable Internet security solutions to protect network resources. Their scalable security provides secure data communications and protects online transactions with a solution that your business won’t outgrow. They deliver state-of-the-art, comprehensive security that is both affordable and easy to implement. SonicWALL’s line of Internet security offerings provide total security platforms with layered protection including integrated gateway anti-virus, anti-spyware, and intrusion prevention for real-time protection against a wide array of threats including:

Content-based threats are a constant problem for businesses of any size. Secure content management keeps your network free from harmful content. As part of this protection, e-mail security also keeps your e-mail inboxes free from virus-laden e-mails, SPAM and phishing attacks through a combination of technologies that improve response time and ensure full protection—all the while delivering superior performance and no delays.

SonicWALL’s Continuous Data Protection (CDP) brings enterprise-class backup/restore/disaster recovery solution to the SMB market. SonicWALL CDP backs up files continuously throughout the day, as opposed to just once a day—and gives you the ability to restore previous versions of files and databases from any point in time.

SonicWALL remote access is easy to use for remote users and straightforward to administer on the back end. Users can securely access e-mail, files, and applications on the corporate LAN through a customizable Web interface. Because access is clientless, there is no burden of installing or configuring client software and all traffic can be inspected for viruses, spyware, and other threats.

SonicWALL e-mail security provides powerful and comprehensive e-mail security, protecting against SPAM, virus, and e-mail-based phishing attacks. It also ensures compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA and other relevant regulations that govern e-mail and confidentiality of information.

SonicWALL addresses business continuity as well. Downtime can be costly, and in the case of a major disaster, can even mean financial ruin. Features available include: VPN redundancy, WAN failover, load balancing, hardware failover, and synchronization.

Today, companies are driven by information more than anything else. It is the digital content contained in the network that drives the company forward. But what happens when that content becomes corrupted? Content can be infected with viruses and malware, hacked, altered, and stolen. SonicWALL Secure Content Management (SCM) starts by controlling access to Web sites based on certain criteria, to ensure that malicious, harmful or offensive content does not enter into the workplace through the Web.

And most importantly, companies today face a dizzying array of regulations and compliance requirements. Many of these compliance issues have to do with the integrity, privacy and safety of data. Compliance may take several steps and plenty of paperwork, but SonicWALL has compliance solutions for every situation, with solutions that address compliance issues relating to policy management, access control, integrity of traffic and records, and audit trails.

After implementing SonicWALL at the BASM office, junk e-mail went from 100 messages per person per day to zero. One team member commented, “I don’t know what you did, but I love it”!

If you would like more information on SonicWALL you can visit their website at www.SonicWall.com/us or feel free to contact us at BASM. We would be happy to discuss this and other solutions to your network/Internet security needs.