How much time do you spend making your financial reports look pretty, professional or sophisticated? If you are like most people responsible for financial reporting, you spend too much time. That is time that you would rather put into more productive financial analysis rather than data input. Most financial packages (ERP or accounting software) turn out accurate financials with lots of options. Microsoft NAV (formerly Navision) does too. With its functions to enable you to create your own unique style of financials, it is second to none in reporting flexibility.

But, if you are like most… here we go with another generality … you don’t have time to do it, so you stick to your old dependable, Excel. What if you could use Excel to build your financial statements one time then click a button to refresh them whenever you want to do so? Well, you can. Microsoft NAV includes Jet Reports to do just that. Now your financial statements can include graphs, colors, borders, and all the fancy stuff your board or bank wants – without the monthly time-consuming task of entering into Excel. Jet Reports includes special functions to pull the data directly into Excel, in the place you want it. Your graphs, charts and other formatting happen automatically.

Do you need to email your financials to your bank or auditors regularly? Do you have department heads that need to see financials for their area? Is your CEO always looking for the Sales Results before you have time to enter them into Excel? Do your salespeople want to know their current customer status every week? Jet Reports is your answer. You can format reports in the way that works best for you. You can also schedule your reports to run automatically and email them, all without your help. Have the report in the CFO’s inbox, waiting to be opened – all without working long hours or coming in early. Jet Reports makes it possible.

We have created a wide variety of Jet Reports for various needs, including commissions, productivity analysis between CRM and NAV, simplified financial sets for board meetings, in-depth reports that analyze inventory movement and others. If you have some requests or thoughts of better ways to show your financials, let us know. We can help you out and let you continue doing what you do best – running your business and making money.