We invite you to join us for a unique opportunity to hear industry expert, Michael Lammi, present an Executive Briefing on “Six Concrete Steps to Increasing and Protecting your Profits in the Food Manufacturing Sector (even in Down Times)”. Michael will cover these six areas of consideration:

1.  Foods Greatest Growth Potential – How You can Participate

  • Demographics: Baby Boomers are still the greatest potential market. You can find new customers in your existing markets.
  • Four major food categories with potential. Can you expand your market reach with these category foods to existing customers?

2.  Maximizing your Value Proposition, Increase your Profits

  • Understand your Margin and Value Proposition. How do you compare to your peers? Have you clearly stated your Value Proposition and can you back it up?
  • Maximize your customer’s business – bundling services. What can you do for “free” that locks your customer into your company even though your price may be higher.

3. Compliance – Best Friend or Worst Enemy?

  • What does compliance mean for you? How do you track your compliance?
  • Your ‘stay out of jail’ card. Use this short list to improve your compliance.
  • Capturing new business with compliance records. Going above and beyond mandatory compliance – Customers are looking for help with their compliance – lock them into your company with operational dependency.

4.  Increasing your Working Capital

  • Manage your Inventory – properly managing inventory can increase your bottom line by 50%.
  • Understand your internal costs – What does it cost you to house that inventory? Do you outsource or keep it in house?
  • Customer Forecasts and other Inaccuracies – with these tips you can provide your customer with a better forecast than they provide you.
  • Raw Material Planning – How can you multiply your ability to buy into a big advantage?
  • Production Planning – How much is flexibility of delivery worth to you?

5.  Understanding and Managing your Fixed and Variable Costs

  • Fixed Cost – You are going to spend it, you might as well get a return.
  • Managing your variable costs
  • Understanding your cash flow

6.  Going Green – Risk Avoidance/Market Advantage

  • What does Green mean?
  • What are my risks & how do I avoid them?
  • Can you capture more customers with a Green Initiative?

Event Information:
June 24, 2009 –  Continental breakfast will be served at 8:30 a.m., with the briefing from 9:00 – 11:00 a.m.
Where: 6279 University Avenue NE, Suite 101, Minneapolis, MN 55432

P.S. Please reserve your space by June 17th by calling (763) 571-8580, or via e-mail to barbarah@bautomation.com.  Attendees will receive free Carbon Credits and will be entered into a drawing for a $50.00 Visa Gift Card.

About the Speaker: Michael Lammi

Speaker Michael Lammi has spent over 20 years in the Commodity and Food Industries working with fortune 500 companies such as: Cenex Harvest States (CHS, Inc.), Hunt-Wesson, ConAgra, Pillsbury, Novartis, Aurora Foods, The Scoular Company and Northwestern Foods.

Michael’s experience spans the Food based Supply chain as well as most related Agricultural Commodity Market sectors and is currently focused on business development. Michael’s newest venture has been the formation and start up of a Green House Gas (GHG) management and trading company, CP Holdings LLC., where he functions as the COO.
Michael has extensive Supply Chain experience within the Processing, Contract Manufacturing and Packaging sectors of the Food Industry, where he has focused on creating, identifying and implementing local, regional and global supply chain solutions.
His extensive System knowledge combined with his Supply Chain experience and knowledge has been key in helping his customers and clients to understand their risks and opportunities in order to identify solutions. After going through multiple SAP and JDE implementations, he is a strong advocate for manageable systems that can integrate easily into a company’s existing systems and processes.

When asked about growing a food manufacturing or distribution business in these challenging times, Michael commented that the “fastest way to grow your business is by leveraging your existing strengths” as well as “using the information you already have to make decisions that align with your vision.”