Improve productivity by seeing double

A down economy usually means less business and therefore more time available. So how do you make the best of a less than ideal situation?  There is no better time to review your business processes and look for ways to streamline systems, improve productivity, and get ready for the post recession incline.  One example, which is surprisingly simple yet not outrageously expensive, is doubling up on workstation monitors.

Multi-display systems can result in a 42% increase in productivity*.  Users see more information at a glance and can view multiple applications at once and with less horizontal scrolling. Never heard of it?  Most people haven’t, but don’t let that deter you.  Users benefit from multiple displays and companies benefit from the increased productivity.  Additionally, modern operating systems can support multi-tasking, modern computers have plenty of power to run multiple applications, and almost all graphics controllers being shipped for the last three to five years can support multiple displays.

One BASM client doubled monitors for 12 employees and estimates an improved productivity of  10-15% .

“We were so impressed by their ability to double task and save time, that we implemented double monitors at our office too,” stated Ron Ketterling. “I’d encourage every company to investigate the benefits, and return on investment, of doubling up monitors.”

*According to a Jon Peddie research study in 2007