Kick Off!

Once all the pre-planning steps have been accomplished (see list below), it is time to kick off your business management system implementation! You’ve done a lot of hard work to get to this point and now it is time to communicate with your team.

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  • Part 1 – Project Organization
  • Part 2 – An Introduction to the Planning Phase
  • Part 3 – Planning Details
  • Part 4 – Identifying Project Staff

The general goals of the Kick-off Meeting are to introduce the project, generate excitement, express the impact of the project, set the tone for the project, develop understanding of scope and timeline, help maintain positive attitudes, stop rumors, enable buy-in and discuss change management.  This is the time to bring the rest of the company into the plan.  The more you share about the plan, the positive and negative aspects of the change, the better your organization will do.  (Depending on length of implementation, you might split this into two meetings, one for people involved in the pilot project and another Kick-Off with everyone else, prior to flipping the switch.)

Your VAR will typically chair this meeting.  Your executive sponsor will share their vision for the project.  Your internal Project Manager will introduce the various responsible parties in your company.  The VAR will introduce their staff.  This is the time to set the stage for the expectations for the next three to nine months (depending on the complexity of your implementation, this could be longer.)  You will be alerting your staff to the challenges ahead.

Your discussion with your staff might include things like this: There will be times of double duty when you are learning the new software or testing the new software by re-entering today’s business into the new system.  There will be problems with the new system; that’s why we are rolling out this Pilot Project.  We have selected you because you are important to the success of the project; you have the right skills, aptitude and desire.  Please convey a positive attitude to those of your fellow workers who are not involved in the project.  We know that change is hard; here is a plan to make it a little easier.  And so on …