Next installment of the VAR series

One of the many ways that a Value Added Reseller adds value is by helping you improve your business processes.  As mentioned in Mark’s article, we work with dozens of companies across a variety of industries.  This gives us unique insight into best practices, unusual solutions, and so much more.  It’s not uncommon for us to visit a client site, take a look around, and make a suggestion that leaves everyone there wondering, “why didn’t we think of that”.  Because this happens so often, we’ve developed several services around this very notion called “Specialist for the Day” and “On-Site Business Assessment”.

If you’ve ever wished someone would come to your site to help you with specific issues and how your software can help you resolve them, then our “Specialist for the Day” package is just for you!  One of our Business Automation Specialists will visit your location and work with you to help with any number of items including:

  • Report Writing
  • Data Cleanup
  • Process Shortcuts
  • Features’ Review
  • Advanced Functionality
  • Remedial Training
  • Process Review
  • Log Review
  • Minor Report Changes
  • Month-End or Year-End Help
  • 1099’s
  • Archive Data
  • Wish List Items

Keep in mind, this list is not all inclusive… If you can think of it, we can likely help.  The cost for a single day is only $1,295 plus travel related expenses.  However, we will offer a 5% discount for multiple, consecutive days.

For an in-depth assessment of which business processes are causing your company to be less efficient or identification of hidden issues causing your company problems, then our “On-Site Business Assessment” is for you.   The assessment is a four to six hour on-site evaluation of your business processes, in one (or all) of the following areas:  Inventory, Sales or Purchasing.  During the on-site assessment we will:

1. Evaluate your current processes

2. Identify potential problems

3. Suggest solutions to those problems

4. Measure the impact of those solutions

5. Provide an estimated cost of any suggested changes

6. Provide a cost benefit analysis

7. Make a recommendation about whether to move forward with the solution

8. Provide immediate feedback by way of an easy to read report, giving you the ability to make immediate changes if needed

The cost for a single on-site business assessment is $1,495; or get all three for $1,395 each. Clients tell us over and over that having us on-site is one of the smartest investments they’ve made; as the time, process, or material savings quickly outweigh the cost of the service.