As we discussed in our previous article, Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision) is the software of choice of CEOs and CFOs who wish to improve the efficiency and productivity of their business. Not only is it a good financial management solution, but it also provides companies with ground-breaking business intelligence and reporting features.

Advanced Business Analytics

Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers companies a comprehensive solution for business analytics. The software’s advanced windows viewer enables companies to easily analyze their data and includes multi-dimensional drag and drop analysis tools. The web interface gives multiple contributors access to the information and allows for collaboration among contributors. Single analysis and reporting solutions are available across multiple application areas, and the software is easily configurable for custom extensions.

Upgraded Reporting Features

Microsoft Dynamics NAV’s reporting tools give users the flexibility they need to create the reports required of them. As we said above, data can be analyzed from different application areas within the software, and users can view the data measures of their choice across dimensional models. The reporting module within Microsoft Dynamics NAV includes a set of forms for the configuration of dimensions and measures. Data can also be viewed and analyzed in Microsoft Excel.

User-defined execution parameters allow users to tailor their reports according to their own needs, allowing users to access only the information that is relevant to them. Reports can also be automatically generated and distributed to selected individuals. By accelerating the reporting cycle, NAV allows companies to spend more time analyzing the data and making better decisions for the company.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides companies with an end-to-end integrated Business Intelligence platform, applications and client tools. The software is collaborative, comprehensive and cost effective, giving companies a chance to invest in BI without paying out-of-the-water costs. Companies who employ the use of NAV see the following results:

  • Improved productivity
  • On-demand access and analysis to data
  • Improved business insight
  • Achieve maximum ROI
  • BI integration into the core of the business’ activities
  • Recognition of trends in data

Download your copy of the “Microsoft Dynamics NAV: Product Capabilities and Business Ready Licensing Granule Guide” to learn more about how you can increase your company’s efficiency and take advantage of NAV’s unique business intelligence and reporting features.