In the final article of our Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision) series, we’d like to highlight some of the configuration and development features available with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Software customization is important to providing companies with the tools and information they need to make the best decisions for their company. Consider some of configuration and development tools included in Microsoft Dynamics NAV:

Application Builder

Microsoft Dynamics NAV users can change the business rules and calculations that work behind the scenes. Users can also create entirely new areas of functionality for their application, enabling companies to tailor Microsoft Dynamics NAV to meet the needs of the entire organization.

Form and Page Designer

Users can create 100 new form and page objects, as well as change existing forms and pages. The Forms and Page Designer granule gives users access to the Navigation Pane Designer, allowing users to create new menu items.

Report and Dataport Designer

In addition to allowing users to change existing reports and dataports, this feature gives users the opportunity to create new report objects and dataport objects. New reports can be created from scratch or copies of an existing report can be used as a starting point. Every report in Microsoft Dynamics NAV is created using this tool and can therefore be easily customized to fit any company’s needs.

Table Designer

Microsoft Dynamics NAV users can change existing table definitions and create 10 new tables, in addition to changing properties on fields (such as field names, decimal places, maximum value), adding new fields to existing tables and creating tables to store information specific to their business. Keys can be created for sorting information, making it easier for users to find the data and information they need.

As we have highlighted throughout this series, Microsoft Dynamics NAV is designed to meet each and every one of your business needs. Whether you’d like to improve the financial management aspect of your business or whether you’d like to focus your efforts on business intelligence and reporting, Microsoft Dynamics NAV is the solution your company needs. Download our, “Microsoft Dynamics NAV: Product Capabilities and Business Ready Licensing Granule Guide” to learn more about the software’s business-ready features.