Manufacturing companies have many unique software needs, and Microsoft Dynamics NAV’s Manufacturing module addresses those needs. From basic manufacturing to agile manufacturing to supply and capacity planning, the Manufacturing module within Microsoft Dynamics NAV streamlines manufacturing processes and reduces production planning time, allowing manufacturing companies to spend their time elsewhere.

Take a look at some of the stand-alone features included in Microsoft Dynamics NAV’s Manufacturing module:

Basic Manufacturing

Microsoft Dynamics NAV allows users to create bills of materials and calculate standard cost within the system. Users can also create and manage production orders, as well as post consumption and output to those production orders. Net requirements can be calculated based on production orders, and the Order Planning window gives users the visibility and tools they need to manually plan for demand from sales lines and then create different types of supply orders.

Supply Planning

Users can plan material requirements based on demand with support for master production scheduling and materials requirements planning. The Basic Supply Planning granule includes:

  • Action messages for fast and easy balancing of supply and demand
  • Automatic production and purchase orders
  • Setup for items with their own reordering policy, including registration of whether they are manufactured by or purchased from a third party

Users can also manage demand forecasting based on inventory items.

Capacity Planning

Within the Microsoft Dynamics NAV software, users can add capacities (or work centers) to the manufacturing process and setup routings used on production orders and in material requirements planning. Users can also view task lists setup for each capacity, giving them visibility into every area of the business.

To learn more about the manufacturing features included in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, download your copy of the  “Microsoft Dynamics NAV: Product Capabilities and Business Ready Licensing Granule Guide”.