As we’ve discussed in previous blogs, Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision) is more than just a financial management solution. In addition to managing your finances, its business intelligence capabilities produce the reports you need, and it’s manufacturing and supply chain features allow your business to streamline its processes and reduce planning time significantly.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV also provides companies with project management tools to help them keep track of their projects and ensure that their jobs are completed in a timely manner. Microsoft Dynamics NAV enables users to properly track and manage their resources and prices. Resources can be registered and sold through the program, combined into groups with similar resources and allocated to specific jobs in a time schedule.

In addition to helping companies track and manage their resources, Microsoft Dynamics NAV allows users to plan capacity and sales, as well as manage usage statistics and the profitability of resources. Users can create their plans with as much detail as needed (including time period expected, resource usage and planned costs) within the calendar system of the Project Management granule.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV users can also:

  • Create plans for jobs with multiple tasks and task groupings.
  • Copy budgets from one job to another
  • Set up job-specific price lists
  • View in-progress and completed jobs
  • Assign specific jobs to specific customers
  • Create job invoices

For more information about how Microsoft Dynamics NAV can simplify your project management, download your copy of the “Microsoft Dynamics NAV: Product Capabilities and Business Ready Licensing Granule Guide”.