With roughly 94,000 companies worldwide using Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the product by far exceeds other Microsoft ERP offerings. Out of all of the companies in the world using a Microsoft ERP solution, Dynamics NAV represents 45% of the user licenses – more than twice that of Microsoft GP, and 5 times that of Microsoft AX.

What is so special about Microsoft Dynamics NAV? For starters, it is one of the best options on the market for small-to-midsized organizations because it offers affordable and powerful technology enabling you to keep pace and compete with much larger companies. What’s more, the scalability of the solution provides for ongoing benefits as you grow over time.

Being at the front of the pack has its perks. Microsoft is heavily invested in continuing the success of their most popular product, and shows this commitment through yearly updates which expand and improve the end-user experience. For SMB’s a commitment like this is crucial to their Return on Investment. The 2013 NAV release was a fantastic example of the kinds of enhancements users can expect from Microsoft. Some of these include:

  • The addition of more intuitive features within Dynamics NAV’s core functionality. From tools allowing users to ‘Select All’, and ‘Copy/Paste’; to providing formula filtering capabilities – many users will be able to work smarter and faster.
  • The support of Unicode for internationally minded organizations.
  • New cloud deployment options.
  • Multi-device accessibility.
  • Enhanced Excel integrations allowing you to both copy rows from Dynamics NAV directly into Excel, as well as paste them back.
  • Improved reporting capabilities providing data migration options across multiple applications and enhanced real-time reporting.

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