Do you have multiple GL accounts (like cash, payables or notes payable) that you add up every day to get a total?  One easy way to get the total is to sum the posting accounts to a totaling account.  When you use Microsoft Dynamics NAV’s Begin Total and End Total commands, you can see the individual account and the total account. 

In this example, we set-up an account 11100 (Liquid Assets) as a Begin-Total and account 11700 (Liquid Assets, Total) as the End-Total.  In account 11700 we added a formula (11100..11700).  This totals all the accounts from 11100 through 11700.  You can also use the pipe symbol (use shift \ to get |) to add up specific accounts.  For example, 11400|11600 would add just these two accounts together. 

Personally, I like to put formulas into my Chart of Accounts rather than on the Account Schedule, because not only can I see total, but also, if I add an account in the 11100 to 11700 range it will automatically be included in my total cash.  Then, I put the totaling accounts on the Account Schedule without formulas.