Un-invoiced Purchase Receipts

Are you looking for a quick way to find those purchase orders that have been received but not invoiced? Here are three quick ways (well, one may be a little longer than the rest). Each one addresses the issue slightly differently, but each does a great job. I am using NAV 2013, but this will work in other versions of NAV, although it may be different for each version.

We are making several assumptions here.

1. You are posting Expected Costs to the G/L
2. You have run (or have it running automatically) Adjust Cost Entries
3. You have posted Inventory to G/L

Easiest & Longest
The easiest way to get this number is to run the Inventory to G/L Reconcile report. Total time to get report results – two to five minutes or longer.

  • This report will take a long time to run as it will go through all of your inventory transactions. (Remember, I hate waiting for computers, so it might be 60 seconds and I think that is a long time – however, it is a long report.)
  • Additionally, if you have a large number of transactions you may get an out of memory error and will not be able to run the report. If this happens, run the report two or three times using a filter in the Show Results: No. filter box (IE 000000..499999 if you have a six digit numerical part number). You will have to add the Received Not Invoiced numbers together manually.
  • You are looking for the “Received Not Invoiced” value on the last line of the report

There are several challenges with this report. If you want to see the detail of each item (click the Print Details check box) you will have a very long report. This will show you every sale, purchase receipt or manufacturing receipt or usage for every item and you may get the out of memory error more frequently. You may run a 100 page report for one page of data, because there is no way to filter this report to just the items that have not yet been invoiced.

Inventory to G/L Reconcile Report modification

We have made a slight modification to this report to allow you to select just the un-invoiced purchase receipts. This lets you print the detail and cuts the time to run the report to almost nothing. In the system I tested this on, the full report was over 100 pages and took several minutes to run. This version is instantaneous and is four pages with detail or two pages without detail. Your total time to get the information – less than one minute.

Faster & a Little Harder – Item Ledger

You can do a very quick detail listing of open, un-invoiced purchase receipts with this method. This is much faster than running the unmodified Inventory to G/L Reconcile report. Your total time is probably less than one minute.

  • Find the Item Ledger Entries (use the search bar in the upper right-hand corner of your screen or look in Posted Documents|Item Ledger Entries).
  • Make sure that the column “Completely Invoiced” is visible.
  • Set two filters (Hint – if you select these filters in the additional filters area you can use the check boxes to make your selection):
    • Document Type is Purchase Receipt
    • Completely Invoiced is No
  • What you see on the screen is the Un-invoiced Item detail
  • If you would like totals, Export to Excel (Ctrl E) and highlight the Cost Amount (Expected). You will see the total on the right side of Excel’s bottom tool bar.