Optimizing Distributor Profitability through Automated Rebates and Fees within Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Most Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems lack the built-in functionality necessary to process and track trade contracts, rebates and fees. Unfortunately, without an automated method for the calculation and generation of accruals for outstanding commitments, it is likely that your organization is struggling with a large amount of unnecessary manual processing, researching and payment auditing.

What’s more, many sectors within the distribution industry offer longer-term promotion programs such as trade rebates, fees and commissions, that are calculated as a percentage of the amount purchased, and paid monthly, quarterly or annually, on a retroactive basis. Monitoring the activities associated with these promotional programs can pose a significant challenge. For example a sale of one product may trigger a later trade rebate, not to the customer – but to the original purchaser, plus a royalty or distribution fee to another party, and a commission to the salesperson. This becomes even more complicated when certain rebates require manual adjustments due to progressive offers incentivizing larger product purchases.

How Flintfox® Can Help

Flintfox TPM Rebates and Fees optimizes distributor profitability by integrating directly with your Microsoft Dynamics NAV system to streamline trade processes allowing you to easily manage the most complex pricing requirements, promotions and rebate programs.

Flintfox® maintains a continual, real-time view of accruals through the automation of processes which expense the trade promotion-related commitments at the appropriate time, while simultaneously automating payment processes by creating necessary AR credits, AP Vouchers and Journals directly into your ERP application.


  • Customers and products may be individualized or grouped, and can be included or excluded from rebates, fees or commissions, for any date range required.
  • Adjustment facilities provide easy commitment variation, while simultaneously preserving data quality. Additionally, the system provides a way to make updates should there be any setup errors, late agreement changes or renegotiations.
  • Flexible attribute definitions for both customers and products to use in determining rebate eligibility.
  • Specifiable rebate components including simple units, percentages, and volume incentives.
  • Automated accrual calculating fund balance netting against all related shipments.
  • Role-based workflow and exception management.
  • Automated payment process run once approved and posted creates all necessary journals, debit notes, credit notes and vouchers.

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By using a Microsoft Dynamics NAV business management system and Flintfox for your business, you empower your people, generate optimal value, drive productivity and improve decision-making.

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