The latest release of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 has some pretty awesome improvements in its functionality and features. We asked our very own expert—Ryan Ketterling—what he felt were the best new or enhanced NAV 2017 features. His first two picks, based on clients and what they need, are the Embedded Power BI and the new Cortana based Inventory Forecasting. Embedded Power BI can easily create insightful charts and reports, then make them available within your Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 role center. Cortana is Microsoft’s artificial intelligence program. Couple that together with Inventory forecasting and you have a self-learning tool to improve your inventory values.

Following are additional features in 2017. Check out the ones you may find useful in running your business.

Item Attributes
Item attributes let you define and add different types of attributes to the items in NAV (things like length, width, diameter, voltage, torque, color, pretty much anything you want). Attributes can be used when searching for items or on reports.

Item Categories
The item category tables are now multilevel so you can define a hierarchy in the list of item categories. This is a great addition, but what is even better is that you can, for each of the item categories, define what item attributes apply. When you create a new item and select an item category, NAV populates the list of attributes that the item should have so the user knows what attributes to enter.

G/L Account Categories and Sub Categories
General ledger accounts can now be categorized. To do this there are two new fields on the general ledger account card, Account Category and Account Subcategory. This allows you to group items and then filter them when running reports. You can also view the total amounts by the categories you created. This simplifies creating your financial statements.

Notifications in the User Interface
This feature allows you to set notifications that will be sent and displayed in a notification area, on the page that the user is currently on. Wouldn’t you like to know if a customer has an overdue balance? This feature puts it right on the page you are on.

Brick View
Lists can now be viewed as bricks (Web client only). Change it from a list to bricks by the simple touch of a button.

Cancel Posted Credit Memos
A cancel function has been added to the posted sales and purchase credit memos.

Improved Incoming Documents
The incoming documents feature that works together with a Lexmark service to interpret documents such as invoices has been improved. This feature now allows you to import line items from the invoice in addition to improving how the interpretation takes place and how to correct errors so that the service learns.

Improved Payment Reconciliation
A couple of minor improvements have been done to the payment reconciliation functionality in 2017. One of them now shows the total amount in the payment reconciliation journal. You can look into this amount and see transactions that have not been applied or reconciled.

Improved Job Features
The 2017 job module has received a facelift. There is now a project manager field on the job card and the project manager role center has been altered to show information specific to the jobs the user is managing. In addition, a job cost fact box has been added to the job card.

Fixed Assets Improvements
Some additional convenient features have been added to the fixed assets in Dynamics NAV 2017. There is a standard setup for creating new fixed assets. There are also some new journal features that allow you to post fixed asset purchase transactions.

CRM Integration Improvements
Microsoft is promising a newly created integration to Dynamics CRM On-line that can be setup with a guide inside NAV. If you are using the contact management part of Dynamics NAV and would like to take advantage of the more advanced features that the Dynamics CRM On-line is offering, this should allow an easier more seamless coupling of the records in Dynamics CRM with Dynamics NAV.

Smart Notifications
Partially built using the Notifications, smart notifications gives you advice when you use the application. As an example, if you create a new sales invoice for a customer that has an overdue balance you will see a notification.

Improved Office 365 Integration
The integrations with Office 365 include an Outlook add-in that enables you to synchronize master data between Dynamics NAV and Outlook, so contacts in NAV show up as contacts in Outlook. Additional features allow you to create invoices from Bookings in Office. There is also an Excel Add-in that allows you to both view and edit the NAV data in Excel.

This is just a glimpse into what NAV 2017 has to offer. If you are ready to learn more and dig a little bit deeper, contact the experts at BASM at 763-571-8580 and we would be happy to assist you.