Adding Advanced filters to a page or list: If you are like me, you frequently want to add more than one filter to a list. One of NAV’s best data management features is the ability to sort lists by multiple fields. Here’s how to add Advanced Filters to a page or list in NAV 2013 or 2015. Advanced filters provide a fast way to minimize the data you are viewing (for example, filter on both terms and posting group on the vendor list.) You can use as many filters as there are fields on the record.

    • Click the down arrow in the upper left corner of the page
      you are on
    • Select Customize
    • If Filter Pane is not checked, click on Filter Pane, you will return to the page and will see a slightly different header and you will be able to create Advanced Filters on as many fields as you want.
    • You can access the filters in three ways
  • Click on the header of the page (for example: Vendors) and select Advanced Filters
  • Click the down arrow behind the standard filter box in the upper right hand corner of the page
  • Or, use the Shift key and press F3.