The sales tax environment has become increasingly complex over the last several years.  The current political and economic environment threatens to make it even more difficult for companies to keep up with ongoing changes, as government agencies seek out additional sources of revenue.   Do you:

  1. Use manual sales tax calculation methods?
  2. Spend days or weeks preparing returns for filing?
  3. Struggle to keep up with tax jurisdiction changes?
  4. Want to simplify exemption certificate management?
  5. Dread the 1099 filing process?
  6. Worry about compliance risks?
  7. Need to cut costs in your budget?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we encourage you to learn why the time to automate the tedious sales tax process is now, by watching this 4.5 minute video, then take a free Needs Assessment Survey courtesy of our 3rd Party Sales Tax Automation Partner, Avalara.