Do you know which business processes are causing your company to be less efficient? Are there hidden issues causing your company problems?

Our On-Site Business Assessment might be just what you need.
The assessment is a four to six hour on-site evaluation of your business processes, in one (or all) of the following areas: Inventory, Sales, or Purchasing.

During the on-site assessment we will:

1. Evaluate your current processes
2. Identify potential issues
3. Suggest realistic solutions to those issues
4. Measure the impact of those solutions
5. Provide an estimated cost of any suggested changes
6. Provide a cost benefit analysis
7. Make a recommendation about whether or not to move forward with the solution
8. Provide immediate feedback by way of an easy to read report, giving you the ability to make immediate changes if needed

The cost per evaluation is only $1495, or purchase all three and receive a discounted price of $1395 each. A formal report can be provided at an additional cost of $595 per evaluation. Contact us today to schedule your on-site assessment.