It is always fun to see our name in print.  I was surprised to see it this morning when I opened my email magazine Managing Automation.  I generally scan the top stories.  I saw the fifth story down on Data Collection and took a look.  Lo and behold it was about our product, Shop Floor Data Collection.  Here is the link, if you’d like a look:

Our marketing department (actually, we outsource to The Spectrum Services Group) put out the press release on our release of Version 2 of Shop Floor Data Collection a while back and Managing Automation published it.  Very Cool!

There really is a point to this writing, other than to tell you about our press release.  It is important to keep up your marketing efforts even in a down economy.  Studies show that companies who do so recover more quickly and get continued results than companies who do not market during down times.  Now, no one has called us (yet) because of the article, but, I do know that our results during this down economy have been much better than in previous recessions.  We didn’t market back then, but we do market consistently now.  Can I make a 100% correlation between other recessions and now?  No, but I can pay my employees and suppliers more easily during this downturn than in any other I have experienced in my 25 years running this business.

So, keep up your marketing, even in down times.  You may like the results.