Without people, business as we know it would not exist. People make things happen in the business world. They garner insight from business applications and guide decision-making, as well as maintain relationships both internally and externally to drive a business’ actions further. The most successful businesses are powered by people who are fully committed to their company’s success.

A study released by the Harvard Business School in 2011, reported that the leading source of job satisfaction is the ability to make a difference and deliver optimal results. Researchers have also found that productive workers are happier and enjoyed stronger career advancements. The link between job satisfaction and productivity is the main reason business applications must go beyond delivering functionality, to helping inspire passion in employees. Another reason is that user experience impacts hiring and employee retention.

It is true that impassioned and empowered employees are a company’s greatest assets. They are the people who will get things done and lead the company in change. When a company can realize the full potential of their people, they will experience significant business impact. The proper software solution will help businesses utilize their employees to the best of their abilities. The successful business will deploy people-centered, end-to-end solutions that both help employees work better and inspire them to a higher level of commitment.

Microsoft has invested billions of dollars researching how people react to data, how they interact with computers and how to improve people’s interaction with computers.  This research shows itself in many ways.  Two examples are hands-off operation and cues.  We have seen manufacturing software schedules being controlled by Microsoft’s Connect interface for totally hands-off operation.  Microsoft NAV includes work cues that provide graphical representations of the amount of work in various stages.  These cues provide visual impact to critical tasks so that the user sees what needs to be done at a glance.

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