As we discussed in the first article of this series, businesses need to invest in innovative and proactive technology solutions that help them anticipate change rather than react to change. Traditional business software solutions often look behind, helping businesses address problems of the past. In order to prepare for change and meet challenges head on, businesses need to invest in a more proactive business management solution, such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps businesses look forward and prepare for success. Embedded workflows give users an understanding of the business process and – when combined with business intelligence that transforms captured data into insight – enable users to make better, more profitable decisions for the business. Microsoft Dynamics NAV unifies business processes and connects each area of the business into a single view of customers and transactions. The system for manufacturers supports discrete, process and lean manufacturing models in a singular system, with planning and costing capabilities that work across all three models.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is designed to deliver more advanced, forward-looking capabilities than any other business management solution on the market today. Systems are being developed to combine transaction history with information about key factors (such as weather, local event calendars, traffic, etc.) to optimize daily order quantities and to minimize out of stock and waste occurrences for greater profitability.

With so many innovative software trends – including big data, social media connectedness and analytics – businesses have the capabilities to succeed. Systems of change – such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV – make businesses smarter, steer them in new directions, and help them reach new levels of impact. Rather than looking backward and analyzing data from the past, Microsoft Dynamics NAV captures and analyzes data instantaneously to provide businesses with much more valuable insights.

Proactive systems of change help companies not only integrate and understand data sets, but they also give better answers, with suggested actions designed to improve the business’ level of impact. Connected, forward-looking business management solutions give companies the capabilities they need to respond more efficiently, effectively and proactively to constant market changes.

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