Minneapolis, Minnesota – July 2, 2009 – Business Automation Specialists of Minnesota, Inc. (BASM), a leading professional services firm announces the release of BASM Shop Floor Data Collection 2.0 (SFDC2), a custom software application for manufacturers using Sage Pro, to easily capture time and data information from the manufacturing floor.

This addition to SFDC2 allows users to use Sage Pro’s Work In Process (WIP) features easily and accurately. As the user scans an item it is immediately removed from raw material and goes into WIP. This keeps inventory accurate at all times. SFDC2 also includes an option to issue all material at the same time and change quantities. With modifications, Sage Pro and SFDC2 can even attach material to an operation on the route, further improving inventory accuracy and consumption.

“We ended up writing our own software solution to fix a challenge that one of our customers was having,” stated Ron Ketterling, President of BASM. “As it turns out, there is a need in the manufacturing industry that can benefit from this solution. We really tried to think outside of the box in developing a program that perfectly complements Pro 7.5 to capture much needed data. BASM Shop Floor Data Collection works with the Pro 7.5 Resource function that calculates overhead for people and machines, yet maintains the ability to report against standard time required for a job. It also provides a simple, effective method of editing punches, correcting work order (job) numbers, operations, employee and time. And, while posting work orders and completing the work order in Sage Pro remains the same process, users won’t have to enter the time into the work order completion because BASM Shop Floor Data Collection does it for you.”

With BASM Shop Floor Data Collection, manufacturers can track login, logout and lunch punches so that productivity can be measured against total time logged to each work order. Setup and operation cycle time can also be tracked, even when multiple people are logged into the same work order and operation. Additionally, reports for work in progress for time on work orders left open at the end of the month are available, and Sage Pro’s data driller function will run fully formatted reports that are easily modified to your requirements.

“When BASM introduced Shop Floor Data Collection into our existing software system, we were able to streamline data entry processes and monitor employee productivity in ‘real’ time,” states client Paula Masko, Controller, Engineering Unlimited, Inc. “We receive accurate, detailed cost information that enhances our ability to identify and quickly rectify production issues. Utilizing the Sage Pro data drillers gives us the flexibility to examine the data in a format that fits our criteria.”

To schedule a product demonstration or request further information on BASM Shop Floor Data Collection, or any of the BASM solution offerings, call (763) 571-8580 or visit BASM’s website at bautomation.com.

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