Sage has been hard at work adding new features and functionality to Sage Pro. No matter how you use the system, you are bound to find some exciting improvements. Here’s a quick highlight of all you can expect to see in the Sage Pro 2011 release:

Accounts Payable

  • 1099 Improvements: 1099 forms are easier to manage than ever. You now have the ability to easily change past 1099 forms from a prior year if necessary, create a complete summary report of your 1099 data before submitting, and recalculate 1099 balances to ensure only the most accurate data is sent.
  • Bank Reconciliation: Bank Reconciliation has been enhanced to allow you to sort records in ascending/descending order by simply clicking on any column header in the Bank Reconciliation dialog.

Accounts Receivable

  • Customer Alerts: Easily alert all employees about an important fact related to a customer with customer alerts. For example, if you have a customer that is on credit hold, the system can notify anyone who looks up that customer with an alert that says, “Bad Credit” before an order is even placed.
  • Average Days to Pay: Customer Maintenance history can now display the average days to pay so that your team can quickly identify the customers that take longer to pay their invoices.
  • Deferred Invoicing per Customer: You now have the freedom to designate deferred invoicing at the customer level whenever it applies.
  • Credit Card Compliance: The new and improved PADSS compliant credit card module includes the option to “Enable CVV” in the credit card options as well as a host of other enhancements.
  • Set Default Warehouse Location by Customer: Reduce your shipping costs by selecting the closest default warehouse to each customer.
  • Drop-Ship Allocation: All drop-shipped items are now automatically allocated so that you have a real-time view of allocations and on-order values for drop ship items at drop ship locations.
  • Recalculate YTD Sales using Transaction Dates: Increase your reporting flexibility and only search for transactions that fall in the current fiscal period.

General Ledger

  • Account Numbers on some Financial Reports: Display your account numbers on seven financial reports including Detail Income Statements and Balance Sheet reports.

Inventory Control

  • Group Entry Inventory Count Improvements: Select multiple items to edit all of them at once or select some items for editing while marking the rest as counted in the item selection log.

Purchase Orders

  • Import Vendor Price List: Use the import framework to bring in manufacturer/vendor price lists with total flexibility in schema or import format.
  • Automatically Default Landed Cost: Purchase order entry now takes the guesswork out of landed cost by recognizing items with landed cost locations and allowing you to automatically convert the transaction to a landed cost transaction.

Work Orders

  • Show BOM Maintenance Detail: Drill down and see the contents of the BOM throughout the Sage Pro product without having to go into different screens.
  • Revision Number on Work Order Traveler: Print component revision numbers directly onto your work order travelers to ensure proper manufacturing of goods.

System Wide

  • YTD Stats Page: Easily see year to date information on the Business Status Report (BSR) and view information related to key metrics across the organization.
  • Quickly Switch between Add and Edit Screens: Move between the add order and edit order screen with a single click in Sage Pro. This is also available in the following screens: Enter Payables, AR Invoices, Create Journal Batch, and Enter Purchase Orders.

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