We’ve had several clients in the past couple of months who made seemingly small changes in how they use their systems, but are seeing huge benefits as a result. These are great examples of how tapping into technology can really pay.

You may recall the Cord Sets success story we shared with you last year (if not, you can read it on our blog). Cord Sets had implemented Sage Pro for their manufacturing and distribution business, but were outsourcing General Ledger duties to their accountant. After a recent On-Site Business Assessment with Mark at Business Automation Specialists, Cord Sets decided to start doing their GL in house. The company was able to use existing internal staff, and eliminate the cost of having their accounting firm provide the service. In addition to the cost savings, Cord Sets now understands their numbers better and can take ownership of them. By streamlining this process, they now do all financial statements in house, and are using the information to better manage all of their processes. The company expects to save thousands of dollars per year just by reducing their accounting costs.

Our On-Site Business Assessment package is designed to help companies like Cord Sets. It identifies which business processes are causing your company to be less efficient or hidden issues causing your company problems. During the on-site assessment we evaluate your current processes, identify potential issues, and suggest realistic solutions to those issues. Additionally, we measure the impact of those solutions on your business, provide a cost benefit analysis and make a recommendation about whether or not to move forward with the solution. This is all done in an easy to read report provided to you on the spot, giving you the ability to make immediate changes if needed.

In the case study we shared with you last month featuring Granite City Tool, we shared how tapping into technology has already significantly improved their business operations. Expansion via a company web-store allowed Granite City Tool to become a drop ship partner with Amazon. As orders grew, so did the amount of time needed to enter the online orders into the company’s Sage Pro software system. According to Todd Wanchic, Granite City Tool’s Webmaster and IT specialist in charge of online sales, “We process 15 to 30 orders per day, which means on Mondays we could have 45-90 orders to handle. This could easily take me 2-3 hours every Monday morning, plus an hour per day the rest of the week.”

With almost an entire workday per week taken up with manual data entry, Todd knew there had to be a better way. According to Melissa Reichenbacher of BASM, “Granite City Tool needed an order import application written to take the web-store files and import them directly into Pro.” The BASM team met with Todd, determined the company’s needs, and provided a project plan and quote to complete the job. Granite City Tool approved the plan and BASM got to work.

Todd proclaimed, “Thanks to BASM, the order transfer process is now automated, and I can’t get over what I’m able to do with the time it has saved me.” Because Granite City Tool can now process orders so much faster, Todd has been able to focus on increasing the amount of drop ship traffic. “In just the first month since the order import application went live, I was able to increase stock and we went from being able to handle 500 orders per month to processing 648 orders, and I know that will continue to increase.” Todd stated that with the time saved and increase in orders, the cost for the import tool paid for itself in just two weeks.

If you are interested in learning more about our On-Site Business Assessment, please call us today at (763) 571-8580 or e-mail Sharon at sharonk@bautomation.com. We’d love to see your company have results like these by tapping into technology … wouldn’t you?!