A NAVUG Webinar, presented by BASM President, Ron Ketterling

BASM President, Ron Ketterling, presented “The Thought Process and Design of Warehouse Management” to a global NAVUG audience at the end of May.   Topics included:

  • Thinking through the WMS process. Why do you want WMS? What do you need and want to do? What do you have in place now? What will it take to implement WMS?
  • Key benefits to warehouse management, such as: bar-coding, data entry shortcuts, easier receiving, packing validation, cycle counting, and directed put-away and pick
  • 8 easy steps to implementing Warehouse Management
  • Warehouse design, layout, and bin labeling
  • Evaluating solutions, systems, and packages
  • How to get the team on board with training, testing, and implementation

Attendee comments included, “This is one of the better webinars I’ve been to. Thanks!” and “This was truly a great session!”.  While normally only available to NAVUG members, the full webinar is now available to our customers and newsletter recipients. Click here to watch at your leisure.