Part of our VAR article series

If you’ve ever called the BASM office needing technical support, you’ve probably spoken to Project Coordinator, Barb Hedman.  Barb wears many hats, but one of the key areas where she provides value to our clients and our team is with technical support. 

With Barb’s assistance, we are able to stay focused when we are helping a client, as Barb helps minimize interruptions when we are working on an issue.  By her gathering all the information we could need to support the next client, it keeps us very efficient and focused, which benefits all our clients in reduced support call costs. The 2-3 minutes Barb spends asking questions, often makes the difference between a 15 minute billing, versus a 30 minute billing.  For a client who calls once per month, this could save them $400 or more per year.  However, sometimes this information gathering process is misinterpreted by our clients as “gate keeping” or “filtering”. 

 “The beauty of having a coordinator is that she monitors support calls and emails so nothing falls through the cracks while the support team is buried in the guts of someone else’s system,” stated Melissa Reichenbacher at BASM.  “Barb also schedules things so that the support team doesn’t have to worry about it or think about it – we just need to look to her calendar to see what’s next.”

 We are very fortunate to have someone as dedicated and thorough as Barb on our team.  We hope that by understanding our process, you too will see the value that Barb provides; and remember … the more information you can give Barb upfront may mean a happy difference in billing for you.