February 2008 – Virtualization is making a tremendous impact in the IT community around the world and across enterprises, agencies and institutions. The results of virtualization demonstrate clear benefits and tangible value to managers and decision-makers at every level of the IT organization.

Virtualization technology changes the game by transforming a traditional IT environment into a virtualized IT environment, or virtual infrastructure. A virtual infrastructure aggregates servers, storage and networking to provide a true utility computing model that matches computing power and storage capacity to the needs of the organization and its business requirements. Industry leaders in complementary disciplines collaborated to provide production-proven virtual infrastructure solutions.

Orchestrating the technologies, solutions and expertise of each of these companies, helps customers simplify the transformation from an existing or traditional IT environment into a virtual infrastructure. The collaboration has produced an established framework of best practices and basic readiness training for the IT staff that can greatly speed implementation of virtualization.

The counter balance to the savings of combining several servers onto one computer is the potential for increased technical support issues. Virtual servers are not for the inexperienced or faint of heart.

Contact us to receive the complete technology brief. It contains experience-based guidelines for a phased approach to the assessment, design, implementation and management of a new virtualized IT environment. These real world guidelines will help you gain an understanding of how migration from an existing IT environment to a virtual infrastructure can provide remarkable flexibility, reduced complexity, reduced risks and economic savings in any IT environment.