You’ve likely heard the term “Value Added Reseller” or “VAR”, but you likely don’t know what this really means to you.  We gathered our team together and asked them for examples of how Business Automation Specialists of Minnesota has provided value to our clients.  With a flurry of answers, and after 90 minutes, we realized we had too many examples to cover in one article.  The resulting case study on “Company X” represents just a few examples of how a VAR adds value.

Company X had purchased Sage Pro using another reseller (not a value added reseller). This reseller decided to get out of the business which left Company X needing someone to support their systems.  Instead of looking for another reseller, they hired an IT professional hoping he could pick up where their reseller left off.  Unfortunately the IT professional was in over his head and the company’s systems began to suffer. The president of Company X took note and asked the IT professional to hire someone to back him up. The IT professional eventually turned to the experts at BASM.

BASM’s first task was to upgrade the company’s software to Sage Pro 7.2. However, Company X had many customizations which, in turn, did not provide a good migration path to the new version. As a result, it took over 650 hours to complete the implementation and get the company on the right track. Although this amount of time seemed exorbitant, the ‘cleaning up’ of the company’s systems was beneficial in the long term because it set up further implementations to go smoothly. In fact, when BASM upgraded the system to Sage Pro 7.3, it only took 80 hours. With the extra time available, BASM was able to help the company enhance their reporting system by bringing it in house and streamlining it.

It was around this same time that BASM suggested to the IT professional that he use Sage Pro WMS instead of the current web based system they were using.

Unfortunately he rejected BASM’s advice, and soon after their WMS system crashed.  The president of Company X realized that there were too many problems not being addressed by the IT professional, and they parted ways.  Company X decided to bring BASM in as their outsourced IT department and signed up for the Priority 1 Support Plan.

The Priority 1 Support Plan provided immediate technical support, not only for Sage Pro, but for a variety of other 3rd party applications as well. In the 1st month of support, BASM logged over 250 errors for the company. Melissa Reichenbacher, BASM’s Project Manager recalls, “It was nice to have them on our support plan. Due to the fixed price of the plan, I knew I could not only fix  whatever issue they were experiencing, but I could also spend the time necessary to ensure that it wouldn’t happen again, without having to get authorization for the extra time needed.”

BASM helped Company X even further by creating a new system for their team to report errors so that they could be fixed quickly and accurately. Through this process, BASM recognized that a number of Company X employees were listening to internet radio at their workstations. This was a major concern because internet radio can steal valuable system resources and interfere with web-based functions.  With the cooperation of the company, and diligence by the team at BASM, the number of errors reported the following month was reduced to only 20!

For the same price as one IT professional’s salary, BASM was able to provide Company X with a team of experts who could not only solve any issue, but also keep issues from happening in the first place. Employee morale was up, less time was spent on system errors, and Company X was back on the track to success.

“It’s better to have a group of people who are experts in different fields, rather than one person who is ‘pretty good’ at everything,” stated Dan Eckhoff, Project Lead at BASM. “The team at BASM has over 100 years of combined experience, and each team member is an expert in a different area. We can bounce ideas off of each other and ensure that we have the best possible plan for companies who use our services.”

Sharon Ketterling, General Manager of BASM stated, “Ultimately it isn’t about the software, it’s about helping companies achieve their business goals through the use of automation. It’s about business processes, making their business run the way they want it to, which in turn allows them to accomplish their goals year after year.” Ryan Ketterling of BASM adds, “If you can’t use the tools you have, they aren’t worth anything to you. We want you to own your system and make it work for you, not the other way around.”

BASM has been in the software implementation and automation business since 1985. Our focus has always been to streamline processes so that their clients can continue to do what they do best. We know business, computers, software and automation. We know how to help companies and their employees get the most out of their business applications, and we know how we can add value to your organization.

Look for more real-life examples of how BASM adds value for our clients in the next several issues of Realistic Solutions.