In today’s uncertain economic climate, our customers are looking for ways to cut costs from their budgets and personnel, streamline and optimize business processes and become more competitive. At the same time, a new era of “green” awareness has put pressure on companies to look for ways to help the environment. Both factors have accelerated the trend of moving toward paperless offices.

One of the most common documents used in business today is the invoice. It’s often created, sent, received, processed and filed manually using paper and personnel resources. Reducing the amount of manual labor, time and paper involved in this process is an economic and environmental win-win.

Sage Pro has the ability to electronically invoice customers, process purchase orders and send customer order confirmations by email or fax. This saves time and money for the company sending the invoice and expedites the customers’ receipt of the invoice for
payment. With the support of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Sage Pro can also automatically import invoices from vendors and export Purchase Orders. Sage Pro
7.5 additionally includes the ability to import Sales Orders, Inventory Transactions and customer Invoices.

So how much money would your company save by eliminating paper, envelopes, printer usage, postage and time of personnel resources required to manually
input and track invoices, purchase orders, and sales confirmations? All things considered, the cost savings could be staggering and environmental implications immeasurable. Call us for more information today … we think you’ll be glad you did.