Start 2017 with the Data You Need for Growth

It’s proven that data-driven companies consistently outperform their competitors, so how can you become an expert and the hero with next year right around the corner?

Join Business Automation Specialists and Jet Reports to learn how you can leverage your data with business intelligence (BI) in a matter of days to gain clear insight and make quick, informed decisions that drive profitable change.

Position your existing reporting capability with Jet Reports and Excel to begin using a complete analytics platform within hours. View the video Demo to learn:

  • What BI is and why it matters in the context of your business and NAV
  • How to create a dashboard in 5 minutes or less
  • The steps to take to get BI up and running now using tools you already have
  • How everyone in your company can get the data they need without technical skills
  • Special year-end promotions and more!