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A look inside the establishment of a great company

Business Automation Specialists of Minnesota, Inc. (BASM) began as a networking company in 1985, supporting the infrastructure for their clients’ accounting and manufacturing software.  They quickly realized that there was a significant need in the area of accounting software and in the decade that followed, BASM began to refocus on the software side of the industry. They have since added a number of products enabling them to provide true end-to-end automation.

 “Your company has helped us tremendously in moving forward with our technology goals. Our shared perspective of sound business objectives mesh well. Please use this letter as a testimonial to the experience we have had working with the Business Automation Specialists’ team.” – Belson Company, Green Bay, WI

A Solid Foundation

Any great achievement must begin with a solid foundation. One in which goals are clear, and those involved are willing to do whatever it takes to go the distance.  With a commitment to meet the needs they saw within the industry, as well as to their clients’ continued business success, BASM was off to a great start. Of their success and longevity, Sharon Ketterling, General  Manager for BASM reflects, “I think one of the most important factors of our business foundation has been our willingness to sacrifice personal gain to build our company – a philosophy based on Proverbs 24:27 which states, ‘Prepare your outside work, make it fit for yourself in the field; and afterward build your house.’ We then combined that viewpoint with a true concern for the profitability and longevity of the small and medium sized businesses we work with who provide jobs and security for their employees and families.” BASM’s attention to detail and passionate commitment to do whatever they can to help their clients successfully navigate the automation world; added to a concrete, sequential methodology within project management has helped them increase the likelihood for success of their clients.

“We have had a great experience working with Business Automation Specialists. I would advise anyone considering your services that choosing the wrong VAR can cost a great deal of time and money, and that it’s difficult to quantify just how much time and money can be saved by choosing the right VAR. Business Automation Specialists is definitely the right VAR for us!” – Saint Paul Port Authority, St. Paul, MN

 Being a true Specialist in Your Industry

“We can back up our expertise with the hundreds of companies that we have helped,” stated Ron Ketterling, President of BASM. “It’s our job to see the big picture of our client’s business, consider the problems, causes and symptoms of their situation and then to think ahead and determine the very best options for them that will encourage their growth and the achievement of their goals. It is our sincere desire to ensure that our clients get the maximum benefit for the dollars they spend; the biggest impact for the lowest investment. We help them streamline and easily locate the data they need to make wise business decisions, without having to enter and re-enter that data into their system.” One of BASM’s strongest abilities is to find ways for their clients to increase their transaction volume without having to add staff. A great example of this is in the work they did with Belson Company. Ron recalls, “After working with us, they were able to increase their volume by 27% without hiring another employee – now that’s a great ROI.”

Anyone who has had the pleasure of working with the team at BASM can tell you that they genuinely care about their clients. Melissa Reichenbacher, Project Manager for BASM stated, “We always put the customer first. Putting that into action involves a dedication to doing what is right for them at all times. For example, if a client makes a request we first look at whether that request is beneficial to their organization, and then determine if that benefit is great enough to offset the cost. Next, we consider what the best course of action is; while there may be an obvious option – we want to make sure we look at it from every angle before moving forward. We want to do it right the first time. And finally, we stay ahead of the technological curve always learning and watching what’s coming up in our market. We want to be able to give an educated opinion on new products for our customers so they don’t end up spending money on bells and whistles that they don’t need.” Mark Langhus, Consultant and Implementation Specialist for BASM added, “We are committed to telling our clients the truth. Some resellers will tell people what they want to hear and then not be able to come through for them. We don’t see the point of doing business that way. Our clients know that they can expect a straightforward answer to their requests, and that includes whether or not a project is do-able, how much it will cost and the time it will take to complete it. And – we won’t do something for a client unless it will add value for them. I think our clients appreciate our straightforward approach.”

“We haven’t significantly changed the information we put into our system, but the information we get out of our current system is a vast improvement over our previous one. Our business management system has harnessed the power of our data. Any business owner or manager could certainly benefit from these powerful tools.”  – Update Limited, Chaska, MN

 “Implementation went beautifully. BASM worked well with us to make everything go smoothly. They recently devised a great sales analysis tool for us. As a result, I was able to reactivate five accounts that haven’t done business with us in years. These accounts could easily add half a million in sales this year.” – Cord Sets, Inc., Minneapolis, MN

Integrity + Honesty + Teamwork = Longevity & Success

The founders of BASM have a natural ability and wisdom in regards to running their company, and in understanding the mechanics of their clients’ businesses – approaching each one like a puzzle with multiple parts and identifying all of the pertinent details. But that is only the beginning of their true core assets and abilities. If you want to find out the true facts about a business owner, you ask the staff. Working closely with Ron and Sharon has given their team members a good look at the inner workings of BASM and why it has been so successful over the years. 

Dan Eckhoff, Project Technical Lead since 1998 said, “Ron has a deeply imbedded moral conviction. He does the right thing for everyone he deals with and isn’t someone who just looks out for himself. He is able to live uninhibited because he doesn’t lie to people and this honest approach allows him to admit when he’s wrong and fix what he can. His approach has been passed down to the whole team because it works so well. A true test of his character is his expectation of reciprocation. He treats others as they would wish to be treated and expects the same in return. His support of his team even went so far as to ‘fire’ a client who was treating a team member badly.” 

Barb Hedman, Project Coordinator since 2002 recalled, “I knew right away in my interview that there was something special about BASM. The integrity, character and professionalism were apparent from the moment I walked in. Some of the things I appreciate the most about Ron and Sharon are their humor, their openness to suggestions and their commitment to fairness. They are trustworthy through and through, and that’s what keeps clients coming back. They respect every person they work with and are consistently clear and direct. You always know where you stand with them.” 

A Toast to Another 25 Years!

Time flies when you’re having fun! Though 25 years have passed, the team at BASM continues to enjoy what they do – helping clients get the most out of their business software investments. Ron reflects, “Success isn’t always easy. Sometimes it feels like you may not make it through and some changes can be challenging. But if we stay the course, and the client stays the course, the result will be positive and everyone will be happy.” Ryan Ketterling, Sales Executive since 2002 concludes, “We are dedicated to problem solving. We are not a sales based organization, and we view our customers as an extension of our family. Ron and Sharon have an uncanny ability to keep things going, stick to it and not take the easy way out. That’s what will keep us going for another 25 years!” 

“Bernatello’s Pizza’s relationship with Business Automation Specialists has been very profitable! The products, service, support and training we have received has been prompt and of high quality. We are glad to have BASM behind us!” – Bernatello’s Pizza, Maple Lake, MN 

“BASM was able to meet our expectations and complete the project on time. We were pleased with the product deliverable and have since selected BASM as our preferred vendor.” – Human Services, Inc., St. Paul, MN