Pipe Fabrication software to manage your ductile iron (and other) pipe fabrication business.

Your pipe fabrication business has a high degree of complexity.  Quoting can be challenging.  Managing your shop and raw material is time-consuming and communication errors happen.  Material levels get low and slow production.  You have to do multiple steps for every sale and perhaps duplicate entry.  Your ERP or accounting software may not handle your fabrication process or, it may take a lot of time to make it work.  That is why we built Pipe Fabrication Software with a pipe fabrication company.  They had the industry experience.  We developed a total package that manages the needs of the fabricator.

Why Pipe Fabrication Software?

  • Fast, Easy, Accurate Quoting
  • Control Production, Margins & Inventory
  • Faster cash flow
  • Less administrative work
  • One system to manage your whole business

Pipe Fabrication Software from Business Automation Specialists is the ultimate in Lean solutions.  Rather than having thousands of item numbers that you may never use again, Pipe Fabrication uses one item number for all your fabricated parts, making maintenance simple.  In addition, each fabricated line has the real cost of production without wasting time tracking time.

Pipe fabrication needs software to manage the complexities

Save Time

  • Set default values by Diameter
    • Enter 4 fields (Diameter, Flanges, Length, Quantity) to get a pipe quote
    • Add special Coatings or Linings, Collar(s), Taps
  • Copy the line – all you do is change the length – everything else is done
  • Set Customer Multipliers by Item Class
  • Manage Time and Labor Adders by one or multiple locations



Price Recap

Easy Pricing

  • Pipe Fab calculates the Price, Cost and Margin – you get instant visibility as you add lines to the quote.

Easy Analysis

  • Analyze quote – in the software with one button
    • Process and Wall Pipe
    • Consolidate by Diameter range
    • See costs and margins
  • Easily analyze and change multipliers and adders
    • Change the multiplier – see the effect on Price and Margin immediately
    • Reset to Original Values or
    • Save changes back to the quote
  • Price adjustments
    • Multiplier for each Class and Size
    • Freight Adders
    • Coating and Lining Adders

Blue Patrior Case Study

Edit Class Analysis

Edit Type Analysis

See how Blue Patriot Fabrication is using Pipe Fabrication to manage their business.

Download the Case Study