Your job is to get the right product, product quantity and pack size to the right Customer at the right time—every time, on time and to do it at a profit. The key to all of these goals is in having the right Distribution Software.

At BASM, we understand distribution. We know there are nearly as many styles of distribution as manufacturing. Moreover, we know that most manufacturers also have significant distribution requirements, and require industry-specific distribution software. Learn how BASM can help you choose the right distribution system and increase your bottom line.

Many other types of distributors exist, including service organizations and nonprofits. Direct sales (internet, direct mail, telephone solicitation); agents (direct or independent reps); wholesale distributors and retailers form part of or the entire distribution channel for every product.

BASM capably works with all distributors’ needs and we highly specialize in:

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“I would recommend Business Automation Specialists to anyone contemplating either a brand-new implementation or an upgrade of any magnitude.”

Dennis Cole, EZ Way, Inc., Waterbury, Connecticut

Your Distribution business would benefit with help from BASM in any of these areas:

  • Whole Pallet – A Whole Pallet Distributor brings in product by the pallet and then sells it by truckload or container. There is no packing or repacking because the product is sold in the same format in which it was purchased.

  • Pick, Pack & Ship – Pick, Pack & Ship Distributors bring in product by the pallet and then distribute it by case or by item. The order is picked, then packed and shipped. With this type of distribution, compliance labeling is particularly challenging as there may be several different types of products in each package.

  • Drop-ship – Drop-ship distributors are similar to Pick, Pack & Ship, but generally ship smaller quantities directly to their customer’s customer, the individual or company purchasing the item. Blind labeling and appropriate shipping documents, as well as a high volume of small shipments, provide special challenges for this type of distribution.

  • 3PL (Third Party Logistics)– Third Party Logistics is a unique category. 3PLs provide product fulfillment service for another company. The 3PL holds but never purchases the product. Orders are generally taken by the owner of the product and forwarded to the 3PL for order fulfillment, although, some 3PLs provide all services from order taking through fulfillment.The 3PL may charge for their services in many different ways. Many 3PLs also provide contract storage for other companies. A 3PL may have need of EDI support and Compliance Labeling.

Since 1985, we have used our practical business experience in these markets to help you capitalize on your unique business strengths. We know you want your business to be successful and we know how to make you better, faster and stronger in order to get there.

At BASM, we specialize in the following functions and software for distributors:

With BASM, we understand the whole picture of how and where things stand in the world of distribution. Our expertise in regards to distribution software and best practices only benefits you and your business. We strive to extend our knowledge and experience to you.

We are exactly what you need to help you automate and grow your business with realistic solutions, practical advice and extensive distribution knowledge.