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CES Imaging, Inc., Brooklyn Center, MN has been involved in providing services, supplies, and equipment for large format digital scanning, printing, and copies since 1996. While CES Imaging is on the leading edge of large format technology, their aging accounting system was behind the times. When they recognized the need to make a change, they turned to their long time and trusted advisor, Business Automation Specialists of Minnesota (BASM).

According to Ron Ketterling, BASM President, “CES is very much a ‘do it yourself’ organization and had a very small budget for a much needed accounting system upgrade. However, they did have the time to do an implementation in-house. Because of this, we knew Microsoft Dynamics NAV would be a great fit for their company on many levels.”

Anita Stensen, Accounting Supervisor at CES Imaging recalls, “After seeing what NAV could do, and the way it was designed, I not only knew I could implement it myself, but I also realized our old system was worse than I thought. I was so impressed with the features and functionality built into NAV.”

BASM acted as a consultant and advisor to help CES with a plan to implement the NAV system and provided training as requested. CES Imaging did the data importing, testing, and much of their training. Anita stated, “I was able to approach it on my own time at a speed I was comfortable with. I knew BASM was there to support me when needed. If I found information was confusing or didn’t provide the answers I needed, I would reach out to BASM.” Through this process CES spent time on dual entry, testing, and researching. By facilitating their own implementation, they were able to complete 75% of the project on their own.

Ron added, “We are happy to work within whatever constraints an organization has. It was exciting and impressive to watch CES complete so much of the NAV implementation without help. It speaks highly of the intuitive software design and of CES staff’s persistence and determination. This system will streamline many of the processes they have within their complex business structure; which includes distribution, sales and service of equipment, service contracts, inventory, payables, commissions and more.”

“I’m thrilled the new NAV system is in place and with the efficiencies it has brought to our company; I wish we had made the move much sooner,” concluded Anita. “I also can’t thank BASM enough for their willingness to support us through this DIY process – they truly are ‘specialists’ in what they do.”