BASM is committed to keeping your business management software operating at peak performance

As a full service company, Business Automation Specialists offers Software support & Help Desk services to keep your business software running smoothly. From business management software and hardware, to network and training – we are committed to being here for you when you need us.

Our help desk and support services cover numerous systems challenges such as:

  • Answering day to day operational questions
  • Reinforcing the methodologies designed into your system
  • Smoothing daily transactional flow.
  • Fixing errors caused by people, hardware, network and the environment.
  • And more.

Realistic Solutions for Your Business Today!

We provide quick and efficient support for your business systems.

Please complete the form below. Our Help Desk will assign your request to one of our representatives.  They will contact you personally within two business days.

If you prefer, you may email the Help Desk directly at