Container Management is an add-on to Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It provides easy management of Purchase Order dates, quantities, containers and user defined statuses (on the water, in customs, etc.). Accurate dates and quantities on Purchase Orders allows NAV to present realistic product availability to your staff so they can provide realistic expectations to your customers.

Container Management also simplifies the receiving and landed costs processes. Warehouse and accounting staff can use the container ID to select records for receipt, application of landed costs


  • Group products from multiple purchase orders in a container
  • Mass update product expected receipt dates for a container across multiple purchase orders
  • Automatically split PO lines when there will be multiple shipments of a single PO line
  • Receive by Container rather than by Purchase Order• Status of ordered products (User defined status such as Shipped, In Production, In Transit, In Customs)
  • Simplify Landed Cost application process
  • Improve Landed Cost accuracy
  • Ability to apply landed costs by Volume in addition to standard NAV methods of Equal and Amount
  • Simplify Container AP Invoicing
  • Provide data for Supplier Performance measurement

Update PO lines and create Containers

Container Management is a new Page (screen) to provide mass updating to multiple Purchase Orders. Container Management lists all open un-received or partially received Purchase Orders. The user may filter the Purchase Lines and mass update fields such as quantities, dates, container number, invoice or the status of the filtered lines.


The Container Receiving screen has these functions in addition to providing the user with the number of cartons in the container:

  • Print Receiving Tickets
  • Enter received quantities
  • Visibility of Received versus Expected quantities
  • Post Purchase or Warehouse Receipts depending on your setup

Landed Cost and Accounts Payable

Container Management enhances NAV’s item charge distribution process to make it easier to manage assignment of costs to containers of products.

  • Add ability to assign item charges for container by the volume of the product, in addition to NAV standard Equal and Amount methods.  Volume is a custom field designed for the inbound shipping volume (carton volume divided by number of eaches in a carton).
  • You can select multiple purchase receipts by filtering to a container number for application of Landed Costs or AP Invoicing.

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