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By Ron Ketterling

You may already be using barcodes in some of your processes or simply looking for more information. Either way, seeing all the areas you can implement a barcode system into your processes, will help you find solutions to keeping your operations on track, reduce costs, increase performance and improve accuracy.

Manufacturing operations have been working overtime to adapt to the challenges brought on by COVID-19. Barcodes can eliminate hand written counts and notes.  If you’ve been looking for a way to simplify your processes, Business Central barcode scanning is worth looking into.

Inventory Barcodes and Supply Orders

Whether your demand for product increased or your ability to obtain raw materials to produce them decreased, implementing barcodes will automate your ability to identify breaks in the chain. Knowing where the breaks are allows you to fix them sooner.

  • Automate supply order process
  • Receive inventory into system
  • Pick and pull orders to send to customers

Manufacturing Production

Warehouse management and bar-code systems can significantly improve your manufacturing productivity by reducing pick errors and data entry errors. Invest your time, money and energy in planning, testing, training, and equipment to maximize your ROI.

  • Pick Raw Materials for production
  • Receive finished goods into inventory (track serial numbers and lot numbers)
  • Real time visibility of inventory and production status

Microsoft offers a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) to track manufacturing consumption and output.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Barcode Options

External WMS Characteristics –

  • Have their own database and support systems
  • Communicate directly to Business Central’s database (some use web services, others use flat file transfers)

Internal WMS:

  • Use and enhance Business Central’s WMS to provide mobile access for warehouse and manufacturing employees
  • Operate within the Business Central database and code set
  • Simplify Business Central inventory management
  • One system for data consistency and support
Lanham DMS
VT100-based handheld technology Android handheld technology
Tightly integrated to Lanham EDI, pick & pack, shipping Flexible integration to EDI, shipping, enhances BC pick and pack
Supports well-disciplined warehouse Flexible options: start with one area (picks, putaway, etc.) and expand to all
Order management Customize barcode rules for industry specific barcodes
Manufacturing execution, time tracking, production materials consumption and output, visual scheduling

Barcodes – A Small Item with a Big Impact

Warehouse management and a Business Central barcode scanning system can significantly improve your productivity by speeding up your inventory management and reducing pick and data entry errors. Invest your time, money and energy in planning, testing, training, and equipment to maximize your ROI.

If you would like to discover the best barcoding scanning option for your business using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, contact us for your free consultation.