Let BASM help you find ways to expand on the services you are doing for your Customers.

Compliance Labeling is crucial for your customers who have special product or carton labeling requirements that you are obligated to comply with an order to keep your business. These requirements vary by customer and can cause a large strain on your warehouse staff, both in the label creation and label placement.

This is one area where you can make yourself an indispensible part of your customer’s organization and raise the bar when it comes to your competitors.

You should not look at Compliance Labeling as an extra cost. You want to find ways to expand on the existing services you are doing for your Customers. From our years of experience, we stand by a golden rule, when you do well for one customer, others will follow. Make sure your salespeople are telling other customers and prospects as well.

Keep in mind, Compliance Labeling is a broad term with different meanings for various business sectors. Your customers and some governmental agencies with oversight responsibility for your industry sector drive your compliance labeling requirements. Compliance labels come in many formats and standards.



Some of the standards and formats BASM helps you with:

  • AIAG – Automotive
  • SSC-14 – Healthcare
  • EIA – Electronics
  • SSCC-18 – Shipping Container Label
  • Standard – UPS, FedEx, USPS
  • Product Labels – Individual item, carton content, broken/full carton, pallet labels, license plates
  • Customer Specific Labels – Examples like, Wal-Mart, Winnebago
  • Government Labels – Nutritional labels, country of origin, ingredients, safety labels

Many of these labels include bar codes or RFID (radio frequency identification) to enable machines as well as humans to read the label. Many business segments have their own specifications (UPC, EAN in retail products; Intelligent Mail, POSTNET and PLANET for mail; Maxi Code and PDF417 for UPS and FedEx). RFID is an emerging technology and is more expensive than bar code labeling. RFID labels generally include human and bar code readable text.

BASM helps your business:

  • Integrate the production of bar code labels into your normal business process.
  • Incorporate the production of labels into your business software (ERP, WMS, Manufacturing).
  • Eliminate errors in mislabeling wrong information on the labels.
  • Reduce the amount of time spent to create and apply labels.
  • Integrate printing and application so the label is one more part of your automated processes.

BASM can design, create, and test the labeling production. Many times, the testing process is quite complex, as your customer who is requiring the label must be involved in the testing. This can be a very challenging and time-consuming process as there are many technical details involved.

We can handle all the elements of the project, from project planning and design to label design and vendor interface and from business process to automating printing to securing label printers and bar code readers.

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We help you automate your business with realistic solutions, practical advice and extensive Distribution knowledge. We have pragmatic solutions for you to capitalize on your unique business strengths to become better, faster and stronger.