Looking For Realistic Solutions for Your Manufacturing Business?

Your unique Manufacturing business requirements are covered with BASM and the right mix of technology and practical business experience

There is a reason your customers buy from you. You provide a specific value, a specific service or benefit that they value. One of our primary objectives and goals is to enable your business to provide better service at a lower cost without the stress of having to add additional staff. Since 1985, we have helped Manufacturers just like you capitalize and focus on your strengths.

At BASM, we have the practical ability to help you:

  • Adapt to new systems and integrations
  • Tweak or totally modify your existing software
  • Create new applications

Read what our clients have to say about BASM,

“When BASM introduced Shop Floor Data Collection into our existing software system, we were able to streamline data entry processes and monitor employee productivity in ‘real’ time. We receive accurate, detailed cost information that enhances our ability to identify and quickly rectify production issues.”

Paula Masko, Controller,
Engineering Unlimited, Inc.

Our expertise in these specific manufacturing areas only benefits you and your business. We strive to extend our knowledge and experience to you. We are exactly what you need to help you automate and grow your business with realistic solutions, practical advice and extensive manufacturing knowledge.

We can help you recognize the difference between value-add procedures and the methods you are using that do not add value. With that recognition, we can help you streamline procedures and implement technology changes that amplify your corporate market advantage. We help you and your staff accomplish more, so that you meet your corporate objectives.