Keep your bound book automatically – so you can focus on your business.

Manually tracking acquisitions and dispositions for hundreds or thousands of firearms takes significant time.  To remain competitive you handle customer requests for customizations that include everything from special colors, handgrips, sights and much more. As a manufacturer, you must also collect and remit the Federal Excise Tax. EasyBoundBook by Business Automation Specialists of Minnesota, Inc. (BASM) helps you with all this and more.

Easy Bound Book

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“The ATF audit went very well and the Field Officers where impressed with the software. They even asked me where we got it. That was a great feeling.”

Ben Hill, Supply Chain Manager – Christensen Arms

Let BASM help you keep on top of  the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) regulations, such as ATF ruling 2016-1.  We help you effectively and efficiently automate your processes and tasks, thereby freeing you to manage your business more profitably.

BASM helps you automate everything in your business from the unique requirements of the ATF to the normal requirements of a Make-to-Stock manufacturer:

  • Complies with ATF Ruling 2016-1 Software Requirements
  • Full ATF Bound Book Reports
  • Firearms Tracing Requests
  • Federal Excise Tax Collection
  • Integrated manufacturing system
  • Enhance your supply chain visibility
  • Advance your capacity utilization
  • Improve your scheduling
  • Develop your forecasting ability
  • Reduce your overall inventory
  • Increase your order fill rate
  • Shrink your data entry burden
  • Dramatically improve manufacturing efficiency
  • Streamline inventory management
  • Optimize your production capacity
  • Easily Access information and data
  • Increase delivery efficiencies
  • Minimize redundancies
  • Promote customer satisfaction
  • EDI
  • And more…

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Automation from BASM helps your Firearms Manufacturing Business:

Effectively keep the same Serial Number on finished products as it moves through the pipeline.  A major technical and logistical challenge is that you must keep the same receiver serial number as it changes part numbers. We can provide you with the technology to keep the same Serial Number on a finished product as it moves from part number to part number.  The EasyBoundBook automates the acquisition and disposition process for you, and keeps only the records required by the ATF.

Enable E-Commerce functionality.  Internet sales are possible, but, as you know, you must deliver the firearm to a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL). We can help your internet customers find a local FFL through a directory on your website.

Whitepaper: “How to Choose a Manufacturing System”

When it comes to Manufacturing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), it’s important to understand all the benefits of an integrated ERP system before beginning your selection process. We created this guide—to provide you with the essential information you need to make the best decision possible.

Whitepaper Topics:

  • How do I get started evaluation Manufacturing ERP options?
  • How do I choose a Manufacturing ERP consultant & resller?
  • How do I deploy a Manufacturing ERP across my orginization?
  • Hosted vs. On-Demand vs. On-Premise?
  • How do I determine my ERP implementation budget?


Get help from BASM today to get your Firearms Manufacturing business on track. We can help you effectively and efficiently automate your processes and tasks, thereby freeing you to manage your business more profitably and maintain your compliance with BATF requirements.