Improve the productivity of your Dynamics BC warehouse with warehouse management software from Lanham

ACE Warehousing is a comprehensive, wireless warehouse management system, embedded within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP. With mobile, real-time, and data validated access provided by this seamlessly integrated warehouse management software; you will have better control, efficiency, and customer service ratings.

ACE Warehousing extends the advanced warehousing capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to handheld devices, providing an automated warehouse management system allowing you to:

  • Support production output and consumption
  • Track warehouse movements with quick and simple scans of bins
  • Spot check bin contents to quickly make adjustments
  • Utilize wireless receiving for inbound documents
  • Conduct inventory counts without freezing bins
  • Improve efficiency
  • And more!

Even better, warehouse management software from Lanham, is designed to work the way you do, and to this end offers various modules to meet the different needs of manufacturers and distributors. These include the following:

Basic Module

  • Executes, updates, and registers pick, put-away, movement, and physical inventory transactions.
  • Provides for barcode label printing.

Dynamic Module

  • Takes the Basic module one step further by allowing users to create, execute and/or register put-away, movement, and physical inventory documents, from a handheld device in one step.

Pick/Pack Module

  • Adds functionality to enable users to pack while picking, by capturing package or pallet detail during the pick.

Extended Features Module

  • Creates and processes wave picks to improve productivity.
  • Includes the auto break bulk function and optimizes unit of measure usage.
  • Provides license plate functionality.

Data Capture Processing Module

  • Offers wireless receiving for purchase, sales, return, and transfer orders.
  • Allows users to capture and post consumption for production orders from the handheld via wireless consumption.
  • Contains wireless output recognition capabilities allowing users to post production output directly from the handheld.

Outbound Warehouse Request Module

  • Creates, picks and ships in a single step.
  • Manages warehouse operations for large numbers of shipments.
  • Enables forward pick replenishment based on demand.
  • Supports wave and combined picks with or without handheld devices.
  • Provides complete visibility to all outbound orders.
  • Allows users to identify orders that are available to be picked for partial or complete shipments.

Lanham Associates has been in partnership with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central since 1997 and has been providing seamlessly integrated supply chain management software ever since. If you’d like more information on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Lanham Associates ACE Warehousing, please contact us today. We can help you determine if this application is right for your organization, as well as provide ongoing support for the life of your business. We help you increase growth by becoming better, faster and stronger through a successful combination of remarkably improved management controls, cash flow and profitability.

If you are not yet using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, but are interested in implementing an integrated ERP system and warehouse management application…

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By using a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central business management system and ACE Warehousing for your business, you empower your people, generate optimal value, drive productivity and improve decision-making.

In the volatile world of business, individual effectiveness both have a direct impact on your bottom line. Give your people familiar, easy-to-use tools to enable them to help you increase organization-wide business productivity.

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